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As your iCBT partner, MindBeacon provides you and your dependants with confidential mental health support.

Manitoba Blue Cross

Consent to Disclosure and Program Eligibility

This consent and program eligibility was last updated on May 5, 2022.

General Information

MindBeacon offers internet-based mental health care services to individuals insured with Manitoba Blue Cross. We respect the privacy of everyone who accesses our services and the protection of your privacy is paramount.

To assist Manitoba Blue Cross with administering the terms of the plan, policy or group policy under which you have coverage, to manage their business (including to protect you and them from error or fraud), and to recommend suitable products and services to you, MindBeacon will disclose your group/client number and certificate number to Manitoba Blue Cross after you register for a user account and engage in our services.   MindBeacon does not share any other personal information or personal health information with Manitoba Blue Cross or anyone else outside the terms specified in our general privacy policy.

To access our services funded by Manitoba Blue Cross we require your consent to disclose the above information.  If you do not consent to the disclosure of this information you will not be eligible to access services under this plan.  Please do not create a user account.

     I have read and agree to the disclosure of my group/client and certificate number to Manitoba Blue Cross.

Please read and agree to the disclosure before signing up.

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