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It’s time for you.

Get the mental health support you need, on your terms.

MindBeacon’s Therapist Guided program may be an eligible expense under your Manulife health plan. If your plan coverages support from a social worker, you may be fully or partly covered based on your coverage and balance.  Check your plan for details on your coverage.

Experience therapy that’s completely digital

No Appointments

No worry about appointments to keep

Available Anywhere

Available whenever and wherever you are

Available On Any Device

On any web-enabled device you prefer

How It Works

Create an account and get started right away.

Tell us about yourself, your feelings and your situation, so that your therapist can understand you better.

After you create and verify your secure account, you’ll start your first session – a full MindBeacon Assessment.

We've re-created what in some cases can be a 60- to-90-minute in-person interview in an online assessment that takes about 30 minutes and can be completed on your own time, anywhere.

We suggest setting aside a time in which you won’t be interrupted to complete this important first step in your journey.

A therapist creates a plan designed just for you.

Through secure direct messages, readings and activities, your therapist will help you develop the skills you need to thrive.

A therapist will take the time to personally review your assessment. (This can take 3 to 5 business days, depending on volumes.)

If our program is a good fit for your unique needs, you will be matched with the therapist best suited to create your personalized treatment plan.

If our program is not appropriate, they will suggest other resources for you to contact.

Complete your personalized program in 6 to 12 weeks.

Work one-on-one with your dedicated therapist for up to 12 weeks and access your resources for up to 1 year.

Our program offers 12 weeks of guided treatment with a therapist. Most people complete their course of treatment in 6 to 10 weeks.

Your therapist will respond to your messages and check in with you every few days.

Once you reach 12 weeks of treatment, you will still be able to access your materials (readings, worksheets and more) for an additional 40 weeks.

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Manulife members enjoy preferred pricing for the MindBeacon Therapist Guided Program

  • $50* for therapist review of your assessment results

  •  $150 unlocks your first 2 weeks of access to therapy

  • $150 when you start the next 2 weeks

  • $150 final payment when you start the remainder of therapy to a maximum of 12 weeks, and to 12 months of MindBeacon history and resources (from therapy start date)

Total: $500

Therapist Guided Program plus Insights

Your Therapist Guided Program Assessment results are reviewed by clinical psychologist and discussed with you during a one-on-one phone call. You will also receive a psychological diagnosis report you can share with your healthcare provider. The cost to add this option is $300*.

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*This cost is non-refundable. If it is deemed by a therapist that MindBeacon is not suitable for your needs, the cost may still be eligible under your benefits plan.

**By agreeing to the psychologist call, you also agree to the cost of the report. Additionally, if the clinical psychologist (or equivalent) determines that MindBeacon is not suitable for your needs, the cost of the call and report are non-refundable.  Both costs may still be eligible under your benefits plan.

Using Your Benefits Plan for the Therapist Guided Program

Following your assessment, you will be prompted for payment. You may submit your claim to Manulife for processing for you and your eligible dependants (aged 16 and over). Follow the same steps as you would for any other health claim. You can submit your MindBeacon claim on the plan member site or use the Manulife mobile application. For Standard digital therapy: indicate Social Worker as the service provider type for your claim For Standard digital therapy with Insight+: indicate either Social Worker or Psychologist as the service provider type for your claim.

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What's a Therapist Guided Program?


MindBeacon's Therapist Guided Program is based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

With more than 40 years of research and practice, CBT is an excellent long-term solution for those suffering from mood and anxiety disorders.

It’s a skills-building approach to therapy, helping you develop resiliency and coping skills to better manage your mental health concerns. It consists of readings, exercises and activities that will help you learn and practice those new skills.

What people are saying about MindBeacon

I’m finding the therapy to be very helpful. I’ve never done therapy online, but feel I’ve got a good relationship with my therapist. I'm very glad I took this step to reach out for help.

My therapist has been so supportive, and I appreciate her time and thoughts. I'm looking forward to learning more and feeling better about things.

My therapy got me back to being whole and looking at life in a positive way.

My therapist supported me throughout my journey. I'm very thankful to have been paired with her.

I've really gained more confidence in my abilities to tackle different solutions. And my therapist has given me motivation and positive reinforcement along the way. It’s all having a positive impact on me

Even if I suffered a setback my therapist helped identify different things I could do when I felt distressed. I also really appreciated how they gave me ideas for when I felt triggered by something

*Due to confidentiality we don’t share MindBeacon User identities

What questions do you have?

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How We Can Help


Your Mental & Behavioural Health

Evidence-based psychotherapy with MindBeacon, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, can help with mild to severe problems tied to a diverse range of concerns.

Panic Disorders
And more...
Challenging Life Events

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques are well suited to help people understand problems in relationships or deal with complex emotions associated with other challenging life events.

Adjustment Issues
Stress Management
Relationship Difficulties
And more...
Your Mind-Body Connection

Our emotional wellbeing can have a strong effect on how we feel physically, intensifying existing physical issues and interfering with us living our best life. MindBeacon uses cognitive and behavioural techniques to successfully address these concerns.

Managing Alcohol Use
Coping with Chronic Pain
And more...
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