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Communication Success Tools


Exclusive to GSC plan sponsors covering the MindBeacon Therapist Guided Program within their existing mental health/counselling services coverage. These communication tools are designed to make it easy for you to promote MindBeacon as a benefit across your organization to plan members.


All tools are provided in both English and French.


The Communication Success Toolkit includes the following ready-to-use tools you can use to promote to your employees: 

Text Descriptions

Easy to copy and paste, and adjust as needed. Available in teaser, short and long article lengths to suit your communication purpose. Social posts include images and suggested wording.

Q&A Infosheets

Provides employees with key information about MindBeacon, CBT, and how to access the program. 

Digital Banners (700 x 300)

For websites (such as employee intranet or wellness portal), email communications, social media, TV displays, and screensavers. Multiple image versions included.

Posters (8 x 11")

For display in high-traffic areas such as meeting rooms, cafeteria/kitchen, coffee/water stations, and bulletin boards. Multiple image versions included.


For display on webpages (such as employee intranet or wellness portal), sharing on social media and email, looped on television displays or shown in live presentations. YouTube links are included in the toolkit.

MindBeacon therapy makes positive change possible.

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How are you feeling?

Video 1.5 mins

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