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Ask a Therapist 

Virtual Event Series

"I'm told I'm too much of a perfectionist and I wish I could be more flexible."

Every month, our Ask a Therapist webinar series covers a mental health topic that lingers in our minds. In October, we’re talking about obsessive compulsive concerns.

Sometimes you may find yourself having particular tendencies, compulsions and unwanted thoughts that we call “intrusive thoughts.” Perfectionism can also play a role as we speak to obsessive compulsive concerns such as being worried about evenness or exactness, a need to know or remember, fear of losing or forgetting information, or you might be unable to decide whether to keep things or get rid of them.

Date: Wednesday, October 12th  
Time: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM ET

If the above sounds familiar, join our therapists this month to have your questions answered on:

  • Understanding obsessive compulsive concerns and how to manage the condition
  • How to challenge obsessional thinking
  • Overcoming perfectionism

Register today for the free virtual event:

Can’t attend? Don’t worry, all of our live events are recorded and available afterward on Mental Wellness Content platform. If you have questions for our therapists to submit in advance, write to us at community@mindbeacon.com.

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