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It’s time for you.

Mental health support that fits your life.

MindBeacon and Spartan Controls have partnered to provide you and your dependants with confidential mental health support.

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We’ve structured payments for Guided CBT Programs + Insights into multiple, smaller payments to allow you to maximize your insurance coverage:

• Assessment Diagnostic call: $225
• Assessment Report: $125
• Guided CBT Program: 3 payments of $150. The first invoice is sent after you are onboarded and treatment has started. The remaining two invoices are sent every two weeks.

Total Price: $800

Accessing MindBeacon support is easy

MindBeacon platform
  • Access to MindBeacon’s Virtual Mental Health Clinic offering a full complement of mental health supports
  • Evidence-based, high-quality care that can be accessed from anywhere
  • Free mental health wellness content including our e-newsletter, articles and online events.
  • Unlimited access to your account including therapist messages, content and more.

MindBeacon Virtual Therapy Clinic

Guided CBT Programs

Mindbeacon Clipboard

Your therapist guides you through a CBT program of readings and exercises, to help you improve your resilience.

Price: $525

Covered by Spartan Controls.

Trusted. Proven. Approved.

175+ Illustration of a woman waving Starting therapy with MindBeacon each day
88% Illustration of a man wearing glasses Satisfied with the support they receive from their therapist
600+ Illustration of a woman with a heart People connect with MindBeacon each day

What people are saying about MindBeacon

Our therapists are rated 4.9/5 Five yellow stars

I wouldn’t be where I am today without this program. Traditional therapy approaches weren’t constant enough for me to work towards change. MindBeacon made me feel safe knowing I have my therapist and the tools right at my fingertips. 

I found the flexibility most appealing as I didn’t have to sacrifice taking time off from work for therapy. Messaging and going through the exercises with someone to guide me made it successful. 

My therapist has been so supportive, and I appreciate her time and thoughts.  I’m looking forward to learning more and feeling better about things.

Even if I suffered a setback my therapist helped identify different things I could do when I felt distressed. I also really appreciated how they gave me ideas for when I felt triggered by something.

I've really gained more confidence in my abilities to tackle different solutions. And my therapist has given me motivation and positive reinforcement along the way. It’s all having a positive impact on me.

Thank you for providing this lifeline to me – it’s helped in ways I didn't expect. That includes feeling like I’m functioning well in my everyday life despite my physical limitations.

I've learned so much and felt my therapist supported me the whole way. I’m very thankful to have been paired with her.

Due to confidentiality we don't share MindBeacon client identities

Your Benefits Coverage for Mental Health Support

Humanacare Employee Family Assistance Program 

HumanaCare encourages individual work-life balance for personal and business success. Your employee and family assistance program offers you immediate and confidential access to a variety of programs and services.

Access EFAP

Guided CBT Programs
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